Failover Clustered Instances

Training Week: Announcing Edwin’s New Class on Failover Clustered Instances

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This week, we’ve got a bunch of announcements about new training classes. Next up, Edwin Sarmiento: his 3-day Always On Availability Group class has been getting great reviews: “This class is fantastic. There is no filler, and no needless repetition, so be prepared to pay attention the entire duration. Edwin clearly is very passionate about…
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Updated High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning Worksheet

One of the most popular things in our First Responder Kit is our HA/DR planning worksheet. Here’s page one: Page 1 – how our servers are doing now, versus what the business wants In the past, we had three columns on this worksheet – HA, DR, and Oops Deletes. In this new version, we changed “Oops”…
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VMware HA is Not Database Server High Availability

I served with High Availability. I knew High Availability. High Availability was a friend of mine.  VMware HA, you’re no High Availability. See, for us database administrators, high availability means protection when: The system drive fills up because some potato decided to download a bunch of files An operating system or database server update goes…
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Why Your SQL Server’s Network Connection Matters

If you’re using SQL Server 2012’s hot new AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature, your databases will go offline when your network connection does – even if you’re using asynchronous replication. This is not a bug.  This is working as designed – and it’s important to understand the underlying concepts. Nothing to see here, I'm just going…
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An Introduction to SQL Server Clusters

The options for high availability can get confusing. I was lucky enough to begin working with SQL Server clusters early in my career, but many people have a hard time finding simple information on what a cluster does and the most common gotchas when planning a cluster. Today, I’ll tell you what clusters are, what they’re…
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