Training Week: Announcing Edwin’s New Class on Failover Clustered Instances

This week, we’ve got a bunch of announcements about new training classes. Next up, Edwin Sarmiento: his 3-day Always On Availability Group class has been getting great reviews:

“This class is fantastic. There is no filler, and no needless repetition, so be prepared to pay attention the entire duration. Edwin clearly is very passionate about his craft and does an incredible job of sharing his knowledge. Great balance of theory and application. I went through 4 glitter pens taking notes. A+” – Jordan

“Enjoyed the class. It was a different approach that I found very useful. I was looking for information about how and when you would use AG. The troubleshooting aspect was very good and as someone has already said, it helped me to understand the dynamics between all the working parts.” – Paula Luther

“This session was amazing. I had previously had some experience with availability groups, but Edwin’s knowledge really helped me understand the dynamics between all the working parts. I am more confident to work with availability groups, and I fully understand many situations that I did not before.” – Michael

“The detail and pace were fantastic! Edwin’s energy and knowledge ensured a captive audience as evidenced by the level of engagement in the channel – which I also found extremely useful for asking questions or just looking for clarification. Overall, an A+ training session – I’m ready to build my first multi-site AG solution!” – Chris

Now he’s bringing out another class.

Failover Clustered Instances
Failover Clustered Instances

Always On Failover Clustered Instances:
The Senior DBA’s Field Guide

You need to build or manage a SQL Server failover clustered instance (FCI) but you’re not sure where to start. And with Always On Availability Groups as a high availability solution, it becomes even more confusing. Properly sizing the hardware? Who is responsible for what? How does the Windows Server Failover Cluster work with SQL Server?

The SQL Server FCI is not dead. Even though Always On Availability Groups were introduced in SQL Server 2012, customers are still deploying SQL Server FCIs to protect mission-critical databases. This instructor-led training class is specifically designed for senior database administrators responsible for designing, implementing and managing a SQL Server FCI.

In this live 3-day class, attendees will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) – the underlying platform that makes SQL Server FCI possible – from the external dependencies like Active Directory and DNS to quorum, shared storage and cluster configuration
  • Designing and implementing a Windows Server Failover Cluster to meet both high availability and disaster recovery requirements
  • Designing and implementing common topologies for SQL Server FCI solutions for a single- or multi-data center deployments
  • Managing and monitoring SQL Server FCI implementations
  • Effective troubleshooting of availability issues for both the Windows Server Failover Cluster and the SQL Server FCI

About the instructor: Edwin Sarmiento is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Master from Ottawa, Canada specializing in high availability, disaster recovery and system infrastructures running on the Microsoft server technology stack. He is very passionate about technology but has interests in music, professional and organizational development, leadership and management matters when not working with databases.

Online class times:

Head on over and check it out. See you in class!

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