SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition Now Has Many Enterprise Edition Features.

Starting with today’s release of SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1, Standard Edition now has a lot more of the features of Enterprise Edition. Here’s the list from Microsoft’s announcement post: Performance features – in-memory OLTP (Hekaton), in-memory columnstore, operational analytics Data warehousing features – partitioning, compression, CDC, database snapshots Some security features – Always Encrypted,…
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Announcing sp_Blitz v36: New Database Checks, Hekaton, Azure Files, More

The latest version of our free SQL Server health check adds some nifty new stuff: Checks for non-default database configurations like enabling forced parameterization or delayed durability Looks in the default trace for long file growths or serious errors like memory dumps Checks Hekaton memory use and transaction errors Warns about database files on network…
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