Announcing sp_Blitz v36: New Database Checks, Hekaton, Azure Files, More

The latest version of our free SQL Server health check adds some nifty new stuff:

  • Checks for non-default database configurations like enabling forced parameterization or delayed durability
  • Looks in the default trace for long file growths or serious errors like memory dumps
  • Checks Hekaton memory use and transaction errors
  • Warns about database files on network shares or Azure storage
  • Added the server name in the output if you enable @CheckServerInfo = 1
  • Discontinued the Windows app version (was prohibitively expensive to get it into the Windows app store)
  • And miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Get the latest version in our free download pack, and if you’ve got questions, hit up Enjoy!

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  • ¡Gracias!

    Command(s) completed successfully. (20 servers)

  • Andreas Driesen
    October 20, 2014 3:39 am

    Thank you so much for your community work! Fantastic timesaver!

  • The discontinuation of the Windows version isn’t exactly what I’d call nifty, but it’s understandable. Looks like it’s back to temporary stored procedures for me!

    • John – yeah, there’s times where we wish we were a much larger company so that we had the resources to give away even more stuff. But then we have to deal with a big company and we fill out a bunch of paperwork, and then we’re glad it’s only a handful of us, hahaha.

  • Thanks for making these great tools avail to the public (aka DBA’s).

  • I see BlitzCache also got an update to V2.4. It’s dated 31st October so I guess the superpowers box you can tick means you grant us time travel into the future? 🙂

  • Richard Jennings
    October 30, 2014 7:48 am

    Thank you for the great tools. I have noticed one issue for the new non-default database config check, the URL specified takes you to

  • Having just bumped into the “Deploy Database to Microsoft SQL Azure…” tasks “NO! you CANNOT reference an external database!”, I had to drop the sp, under duress.

    Do you have any guidance on which parts can be salvaged to work in Azure SQL DB? (Or is that me showing an incredible lack of knowledge (1 week into ASD v12) of Azure and the guts of sp_blitz whereby “it’s just not worth it/practical/possible/…” would be the appropriate answer)

    Once the server’s up, guess I could take a hack at each of the sp_blitz% SPs in suck-it-and-see mode 🙂

    With sincere thanks to all of you folks for these invaluable tools.


    • SAinCA – no, sorry, it’s not even remotely close to workable in Azure SQL Database. It relies heavily on sp_MSforeachdb, which isn’t available in Azure.


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