sp_AllNightLog: Creating Jobs Like I’m The President

Look, we need these things The setup for sp_AllNightLog creates jobs for four separate activities 1 job to poll for new databases to back up (primary) 1 job to poll for new databases to restore (secondary) 10 jobs to poll for backups to take (primary) 10 jobs to poll for restores to… whatever (secondary) And,…
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New White Paper: How to Build a SQL Server Disaster Recovery Plan with Google Compute Engine

You’re a systems administrator or database administrator who wants to protect your production SQL Server. However, you don’t have a separate data center or another colo site. Learn about what we call Log Shipping 2.0 You’re looking for instructions on: How to copy your SQL Server databases to Google Cloud Storage How to spin up…
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Log Shipping FAQ

I’ve been working with and talking about SQL Server Log Shipping a lot lately! One way to ship logs… I’ve gotten a lot of great questions about log shipping, so I’ve put together an FAQ. What editions of SQL Server is log shipping available in? 2012 – Enterprise, Business Intelligence, Standard, and Web 2008R2 –…
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