New White Paper: How to Build a SQL Server Disaster Recovery Plan with Google Compute Engine

You’re a systems administrator or database administrator who wants to protect your production SQL Server. However, you don’t have a separate data center or another colo site.

Learn about what we call Log Shipping 2.0

You’re looking for instructions on:

  • How to copy your SQL Server databases to Google Cloud Storage
  • How to spin up a SQL Server VM in Google Compute Engine to test your backups
  • How to use our free scripts to restore your backups to the most recent point in time
  • How to test the backups to make sure they’re corruption-free

Your goal here is a very, very inexpensive disaster recovery option. It won’t be a hot standby ready to automatically fail over – there’s going to be manual labor involved – but at least you won’t be starting from scratch.

In this 54-page white paper we built with Google (available in our free First Responder Kit), we’ll introduce you to Log Shipping 2.0. (You can also get it over at Google.)

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  • This is super cool, and a really good option for DR when looking at creating a new physical server in production and not having the ability to get the same in DR. I suppose the thing I would really want to know/have to look in to is marrying up SQL Server Agent jobs, security, and other such things when spinning the cloud system up. (This is probably just my noob showing though.)

  • Radityo prasetianto Wibowo
    January 10, 2022 3:37 am

    hi Brent!,
    i cannot find the white paper in your first response toolkit .zip file
    there is update link for that file ?

    thankyou Brent


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