Processes and Practices

Performance Tuning Means 3 Things

Managing what requests are made Managing the efficiency of each request Managing the hardware capacity available to satisfy requests And that’s it. In the grand scheme of things, those are the only 3 knobs you get. Oh sure, from the outside, performance tuning looks more complicated than that, but at the end of the day,…
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PowerShell for DBAs

[Video] PowerShell Functions and Parameters, and 50% Off Training Classes

This week, we’re sharing some of the Instant Replay videos from our training classes. First up is Drew Furgiuele talking about PowerShell functions and parameters: That’s module 4.1 of Drew’s PowerShell for Database Administrators class. It’s 2 days of lectures and labs – Drew talks about how to do something, then gives you a challenge for…
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Is Your Database Databasic?

Pumpkin Spice When I’m looking at someone’s server, it’s easy to tell the kind of care it’s been under. We’ve written a lot about servers that have gotten the wrong kind of care. You know, no backups, no checkdb, but someone managed to turn auto create stats off for every database, and enable affinity masking.…
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“Full Stack” Means “Part Time” – or Why DBAs Might Wanna Learn DevOps

Long before the “full stack developer” phrase became fashionable, us early developers did exactly that. We didn’t do any of these full time, mind you – full stack doesn’t mean full time. Here’s a grid I use to explain the work involved in building and troubleshooting database apps: Full Stack, Part Time Developers start from the…
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How Personally Identifiable Information Gets Around

Let’s say someone – not you, dear reader, because you would surely never be this sloppy – is building a personal web site or a diary or a company or whatever: Transact-SQL CREATE TABLE dbo.People (LastName VARCHAR(50), FirstName VARCHAR(50), Age TINYINT, EmailAddress VARCHAR(50), Password VARCHAR(50), PersonNumber VARCHAR(50)); INSERT INTO dbo.People VALUES ('Bear', 'Papa', 45, '',…
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