What Were Your Game-Changing Discoveries in SQL?

If you like learning random tips & tricks, there’s a great discussion going on in Reddit:

What are your game-changing discoveries in SQL?

I’m only going to give away the first one just to get you started: if you need to repeatedly comment and un-comment groups of code, do this:

When you want to comment the whole thing out, just remove the top two dashes. You don’t have to put in the ending */ because it’s already there at the end, just silently getting ignored until it’s needed.

GENIUS. Head over to the Reddit thread for more.

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  • I saw some code online where someone had written a cursor (Swear! Spit!) to iterate through a table to build up a delimited string.
    There’s a much easier way to do this with a single select statement.

    DECLARE @delimiter NVARCHAR(5) = N’~>’
    DECLARE @ResultString NVARCHAR(4000) = N”

    SELECT @ResultString = @ResultString + name + @delimiter from sys.tables st WHERE st.is_ms_shipped = 0
    SELECT LEFT(@ResultString,LEN(@ResultString)-LEN(@delimiter))

    • Here’s a similar way to skin that cat:

      — & – magic ampersand to keep SQL Quotes ” unchanged, instead of converting them to Weird Unicode Quotes ’,”
      DECLARE @delimiter NVARCHAR(5) = N’~>’;
      DECLARE @ResultString NVARCHAR(4000) –we want this to start off life as NULL

      SELECT @ResultString = ISNULL(@ResultString + @delimiter + [name], [name])
      FROM sys.tables st
      WHERE st.is_ms_shipped = 0;

      SELECT @ResultString;

  • johan JEZEQUEL
    August 30, 2018 3:22 am

    The snippet who really changed my DBA’s life for the huge treatments is :

    And, in a new window :
    EXEC _BaseTechnique.dbo.sp_whoisactive –(thanks Adam Mechanic) to identify the thread
    SELECT node_id,physical_operator_name, SUM(row_count) row_count,
    SUM(estimate_row_count) AS estimate_row_count,
    CAST(SUM(row_count)*100 AS float)/SUM(estimate_row_count)
    FROM sys.dm_exec_query_profiles
    WHERE session_id=63 –if the thread is 63
    GROUP BY node_id,physical_operator_name
    ORDER BY node_id;

    In order to have an idea of the progress of the query.
    No more blindness!!

  • Stephen Morris
    August 30, 2018 3:22 am

    select @@version
    GO 5
    — runs everything in the batch 5 times


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