The 2018 Blog Posts You Read the Most

Processes and Practices

Here are the 2018 blog posts you visited the most:

10. What’s New in SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.1: Faster Functions – We’re excited about a lot of stuff in 2019, but this is by far and away the winner.

9. How to Check Performance on a New SQL Server – Start with the easy way: testing your maintenance jobs. Your backup, restore, and CHECKDB should all be faster than the existing box.

8. Announcing SQL Server 2019 – Erik caught the name of the new version when Microsoft leaked it in the online documentation.

7. How I Configure SQL Server Management Studio – A screenshot tour of what I do when I go into Tools, Options.

6. Why Multiple Plans for One Query Are Bad – Demoing unparameterized queries, showing why Optimize for Ad Hoc doesn’t fix it, and Forced Parameterization does.

5. The First 3 Things I Look At on a SQL Server – Are backups and CHECKDB being done? How’s the hardware compared to data size? What’s the wait time ratio?

4. 6 DBA Lessons I Wish Someone Would Have Taught Me Earlier – Starting with, the name of the job isn’t necessarily what it does.

3. Leaked: SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters Introduction Video – Right before Ignite, Microsoft leaked a video, and it made its way onto HackerNews.

2. How Much Memory is “Normal” for SQL Servers? – Analyzing SQL ConstantCare® data to help folks better understand how their boxes are configured compared to others.

1. Two Important Differences Between SQL Server and PostgreSQL – CTEs are optimization fences, and you can’t just jump into an IF statement.

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