The 2018 Blog Posts You Commented On the Most

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Of the blog posts we published in 2018, here are the ones that got you talking the most. These comment counts are as of December 17th (writing this post a little ahead of time.)

10. SQL Server Patches for Meltdown and Spectre Attacks, Brent Ozar – 26 comments.

9. Index Tuning Week: How Many Indexes are Too Many?, Brent Ozar – 26 comments.

8. Stupid T-SQL Tricks, Brent Ozar – 31 horrified comments.

7. Troubleshooting Parameter Sniffing Issues the Right Way, Part 1, Tara Kizer – 33 comments on this evergreen topic.

6. The Annals of Hilariously Bad Code, Part 1: Critique the Code, Erik Darling – like a public peer code review with 35 comments.

5. What Should We Change About the Data Professional Salary Survey for 2019?, Brent Ozar – 35 comments with some great feedback that we incorporated in this year’s survey.

4. Book Review: Inside SQL Server 6.5, Brent Ozar – 41 comments.

3. Quick Tips for Debugging Large Stored Procedures, Erik Darling – 51 comments.

2. Let’s Give the Optimizer a Name, Erik Darling – 66 comments. Hard to pick a favorite, but I’d probably go with Sheldon.

1. How to Suck at Database Administration, Tara Kizer – with 155 comments, most of which focused on signs that you probably suck as a DBA.

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