Let’s Give The Optimizer A Name

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As my favorite monkey likes to say, the hardest things do with computers are:

1. Naming things

4. Asynchronous processing

2. Cache invalidation

5. Off by one errors

Things are tough for Microsoft, too.

Take “the optimizer” for instance. It’s based on something called the Cascades Framework.

No one wants to say “Cascades Framework”, so they just call it “The Optimizer”.

Not to be confused with “The Storage Engine”, or “The Cardinality Estimator”.

Like I said, clunky.

Friendly Name

I’d like to give The Optimizer a friendly name.

I mean, aside from Paul.

Think you have a good name for it? Leave a comment!

We’ll pick our favorites, and maybe you’ll win something.

Unless you’re in Europe.

Brent says: You’ll definitely win something.

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