Where do I file bugs and feature requests for Microsoft Data Platform products?

It’s not just you: it’s hard for all of us to figure out where to go when we find a bug or want to add a feature. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Azure Data Studioopen an issue in the Github repo. While you open an issue, Github helps by searching the existing issues as you’re typing, so you’ll find out if there’s already a similar existing issue.
  • Azure SQL DBfile feedback requests here. However, the search functionality is pretty terrible: before you open a request, try searching Google with the site:https://feedback.azure.com/forums/217321-sql-database parameter, like this search. That restricts your search results to just that portion of Azure Feedback.
  • Azure SQL DB Managed Instancesfile feedback requests here.
  • Power BIfile ideas here.
  • SQL Serverfile feedback requests here.
  • SQL Server Management Studio – right now, this one is kinda in flux. If you click Help, Technical Support in SSMS, it takes you here, but that’s the same feedback forum as SQL Server. There’s also a SQL Server Tools forum at MSDN monitored by Microsoft staff, but it’s not kept up to date – for example, the top pinned note talks about where to submit defect reports, and it still refers you to Connect, which has been dead for over a year.
  • SQL Server Data Tools – like SSMS, this one’s in flux, and your best bet is the SSDT forum on MSDN.
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