Processes and Practices

Chaining Agent Tasks For Alerting The Right Way

Step By Step When you think about setting up maintenance, a persistent fear is that tasks may step on each other. You probably don’t want backups and CHECKDB and statistics maintenance running at the same time as statistics maintenance (notice I didn’t say index maintenance, here, because you’re smart and you skip it?). You may…
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New White Paper: How to Build a SQL Server Disaster Recovery Plan with Google Compute Engine

You’re a systems administrator or database administrator who wants to protect your production SQL Server. However, you don’t have a separate data center or another colo site. Learn about what we call Log Shipping 2.0 You’re looking for instructions on: How to copy your SQL Server databases to Google Cloud Storage How to spin up…
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What to Do When DBCC CHECKDB Reports Corruption

The instant you encounter corruption in a production SQL Server database, stop. Read this entire article first to understand the big picture, and then come back here to take action. First, understand that you shouldn’t start by trying to repair the corruption. You may be facing a storage subsystem problem where your storage is corrupting…
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Servers Need Expiration Dates

Servers are like milk cartons: both need an expiration date printed clearly on the outside. SQL Server 2000 When a project needs a new database server, I ask the business users, “How long does this server need to last?” Inevitably somebody gives the flip answer of, “Forever.” I laugh along with the group and then…
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TL;DR Use A Picture

When you run into problems at work, how do you tell your manager what you did? Typically you would write up the problem, the solution, and a quick summary of the outcome. If you’re like me, this isn’t a lot of fun. And, if your manager is anything like most managers, they don’t want to…
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