New 2-day Class: Performance Tuning By Example

One of my most popular sessions is Watch Brent Tune Queries. I’ve updated it every year, tuning different queries, showing new tools like SentryOne’s Plan Explorer,, SSMS’s plan comparison, and SSMS 2017’s new scenario evaluation tool. One hour is never enough – there’s so many tricks and tips I want to show in action, walking people through how I use them in a tuning scenario.

“Wait a minute, I have to actually do the work? What kind of class is this?”

So I’ve got a new online class: Performance Tuning By Example. The 2-day class consists of four lab scenarios:

  1. Finding the SQL Server’s bottleneck, and the queries causing it
  2. Fixing a slow SQL Server only using indexes
  3. Fixing a slow SQL Server only by tuning queries, not touching indexes
  4. Fixing both queries and indexes at once

During each scenario, we’ll:

  • Start with a 30-minute lecture explaining the tools and techniques you’ll use in this scenario.
  • You spend one hour working through the lab, figuring out the problem and implementing your solutions. (You get your own cloud VM with the Stack Overflow database, running the scenario workload.
  • Then I share my screen for an hour, working through the exact same problem, explaining what I’m seeing, what I think about it, and what actions I’m taking to fix it.
  • Finally, 30-minute Q&A where you can share your ideas on how you might fix it, and I may take over your desktop to check your work.
  • Then, on to the next lab!

This is not an introductory course. You should already have spent time going through our online performance training videos covering wait stats, index design, statistics, query plan analysis, and tuning, or been to my 4-day Performance Tuning class.

Learn more and register now.

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