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Your SQL Server queries aren’t going fast enough, and you need to figure out why, as quickly as possible. You haven’t been to a formal SQL Server performance tuning class, but you’ve been poking around in blogs and books for a while. You want to learn a real methodology as quickly as possible.

The idea isn’t that you’re going to watch all 25+ hours of these videos – ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, you’re going to jump in with wait stats, and then choose your own journey based on what our diagnostic queries tell you along the way. You’re going to make the minimum changes possible, and get the biggest bang for the buck. Then, later, as you’ve got time, you’ll watch more and expand your knowledge, too.

  • Start Here: Diagnosing Slow SQL Servers with Wait Stats – forget Perfmon counters. It doesn’t really matter what your disk queue length or page life expectancy is, believe it or not. What matters is what your SQL Server is waiting on when it’s executing your queries. We’ll show you how to collect that data and interpret it. 2 hours.
  • How to Design and Tune Indexes – for common wait types like CXPACKET and PAGEIOLATCH, the most effective fix is tuning indexes. We’ll show you how to design the right indexes from the start, then use advanced features like filtered indexes and indexed views. 10 hours.
  • Statistics: SQL Server’s Guessing Game – when SQL Server builds your query plans, it starts by estimating how many rows will come back from each of the tables involved. It’s way, way harder than it sounds, and you can make a huge difference in your query performance once you understand how SQL Server uses statistics. 2 hours.
  • T-SQL Level Up: Level 2 – not every tuner can change the queries, but when you can, this is your next move. We’ll show you how to read execution plans, find the problems, and then mitigate them with CTEs, dynamic SQL, functions, parallelism, and sargability. 5 hours.
  • Query Plan Analysis and Tuning – finally, you’ll dig more deeply into query plans to look at join types, predicates, windowing functions, and common plan problems. 6 hours.

Then, whenever you’ve made a real difference in your app’s performance, just cancel the subscription, and you’re done. Only stay in long enough to turn things around, and then get back to deploying features in your apps. Let’s do this!

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