Performance Tuning By Example (Live, 2 Days)


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You’ve conquered our self-paced online performance training, Expert Performance Tuning live class, or 4-day Performance Tuning class, and you’re ready to take things to the next level. This is not an introductory class – you want to practice tough scenarios with hands-on labs.

At the start of the class, you’ll get remote access to a virtual machine in the cloud running SQL Server 2016. (You don’t need to be familiar with AWS/Azure/Google – you’re just going to get remote desktop access, and you’ll run your diagnostic queries directly on the SQL Server itself.)

The 2-day class consists of four lab scenarios using the Stack Overflow database:

  1. Finding the SQL Server’s bottleneck, and the queries causing it
  2. Fixing a slow SQL Server only using indexes
  3. Fixing a slow SQL Server only by tuning queries, not touching indexes
  4. Fixing both queries and indexes at once

During each scenario, we’ll:

  • Start with a 30-minute lecture explaining the tools and techniques you’ll use in this scenario
  • You spend one hour working through the lab, figuring out the problem and implementing your solutions
  • Brent will then share his screen for an hour, working through the exact same problem, explaining what he’s seeing, what he thinks about it, and what actions he’s taking to fix it
  • Finally, 30-minute Q&A where students can share their ideas on how they might fix it, and Brent may take over their desktop and look through their work
  • Then, on to the next lab!

The online class is hosted in GoToWebinar, live with Brent Ozar on webcam, with a 75-minute lunch break. Audio can come through either your computer audio, or by dialing into a US phone number – headset recommended either way. For more information, check out the Training Logistics PDF for our online classes.


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