How to Test Your Corruption Alerts

You’ve been such a good database administrator. You followed the setup checklist in our First Responder Kit. You ran sp_Blitz. You set up email alerts for common issues. You run CHECKDB as frequently as practical – weekly, or maybe even daily. But you just assume it’s all working. There’s an easy way to test: go…
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An Expensive Reason To Avoid AGs In Azure

Cash Rules Most people, when they get through paying for Azure, and SQL Server Enterprise Licensing, are left with a hole in their wallet that could only be filled with something that says “Bugatti”, and has a speedometer with an infinity sign at the end. Recently, while working with a client, I found out that…
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Let’s Corrupt a SQL Server Database Together, Part 1: Clustered Indexes

Hold my beer. Transact-SQL CREATE DATABASE [50Ways]; GO ALTER DATABASE [50Ways] SET PAGE_VERIFY NONE; /* Normally a bad idea */ GO USE [50Ways]; GO CREATE TABLE [dbo].[ToLeaveYourLover]([Way] VARCHAR(50)); GO INSERT INTO [dbo].[ToLeaveYourLover]([Way]) VALUES ('Slip out the back, Jack'), ('Make a new plan, Stan'), ('Hop on the bus, Gus'), ('Drop off the key, Lee') GO SELECT…
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SQL Server Timeouts During Backups and CHECKDB

So you’re hosting your SQL Server in the cloud – say Amazon EC2, Azure VM, or Google Compute Engine – and you’ve noticed that when you’re running a backup or a DBCC CHECKDB, you suffer from extreme performance problems. Queries run slow, and even worse, applications report timeout errors even just trying to connect to…
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What to Do When DBCC CHECKDB Reports Corruption

The instant you encounter corruption in a production SQL Server database, stop. Read this entire article first to understand the big picture, and then come back here to take action. First, understand that you shouldn’t start by trying to repair the corruption. You may be facing a storage subsystem problem where your storage is corrupting…
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