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Signing off

Dear Brent Ozar Unlimited readers: thanks for following me for three great years. I’m off on a new adventure, but I hope to see you at a user group, a SQL Saturday, or a conference in the future! I’m leaving with a lot of great memories – and here are a few of my favorites…
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What Problems can Extended Events Solve? (Video)

Extended Events have been available since SQL Server 2008, but they are still a black box to most database administrators. Rather than focusing on the technicalities of sessions and targets, Jes will show the value of Extended Events by showing you what problems can be solved. Metrics can be gathered, performance problems can be targeted,…
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Three reasons to use Extended Events

I have a new mission: to convince you, the long-time Profiler user, to switch to Extended Events. I realize I have a long, difficult task ahead of me. Profiler has been around for a long time. You’re comfortable with it. You know it’s not perfect, but you have learned to live with its imperfections. Now I want…
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I ran headfirst into a brick wall.

How to Query Extended Events Target XML

When Extended Events (XE) were released with SQL Server 2008, I was excited – something new to learn! I read Microsoft articles about them, read blog posts about them, and tried to use them. At that time, there was no GUI for XE. I had to create the sessions with T-SQL. That wasn’t awful – I…
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Backups, Restores, Corruption, and You: How Strong are You?

You and your databases have a strong relationship. You back them up, and check them for corruption. They provide the business with information day after day. Don’t let your relationship come to this! Then, one day, your relationship is rocked. The backups are too slow. The restores are too slow. There is…gasp…corruption. Are you prepared…
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Advice to an IT newcomer

Women in Technology (yes, Clippy is a woman, too) We recently got the following question for Kendra and Jes in the Brent Ozar Unlimited® mailbox: Six months ago I stumbled into the IT world. Do you have any advice for someone (a woman) starting off in the IT industry, specially someone without a computer science…
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