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#SQLPASS Women in Technology Luncheon Live Blog

Hello from Seattle! I’m excited to be sitting front and center of the 10th Women in Technology Luncheon at PASS Summit! This year’s topic is “Women in Technology: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?” We’ll be hearing from an excellent panel! Stefanie Higgins, a Sr. DBA for Disney and former PASS board…
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Our PASS Summit 2012 Schedule

#SQLPass, Writing and Presenting
Next week, the Brent Ozar Unlimited® crew will be attending PASS Summit in Seattle, WA. It’s a busy week, full of networking, learning, and teaching. Here are a few of our highlights. Want to add our sessions to your schedule, and view more information at your fingertips? PASS Summit has gone mobile with Guidebook! It’s…
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SQL Server Index Terms

Let’s have a chat about your indexes in SQL Server. Indexes can be confusing. They are the easiest way to boost performance of queries, but there are so many options and terms around indexes that it can be hard to keep track of them. Let’s chat about the differences between clustered and nonclustered indexes, key…
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