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Building a Report to View Memory Usage

Memory is one of the most-used resources in SQL Server. Generally, the more you have, the better query performance you’ll get. This blog isn’t about the magic of the buffer pool or the plan cache, but you should understand how important they are to your server’s performance.  Since memory is such an important resource, you…
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Get a Report of Your Server’s Top 10 Worst Queries

Problem: your database server’s performance stinks like Limburger cheese. Photo courtesy of Solution: find the queries that are making that smell. Hiding in Plain Sight Your database server knows exactly which queries are performing the worst. When queries are executed, the execution plans – and associated execution statistics – are stored in memory (with…
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Making Tables Look Good

I could be talking about the tables in my database – I do make them skinny by using the right data types – but in this case I’m talking about SQL Server Reporting Services tables. You’ve seen them before. The average table is bland and boring, with nothing to distinguish it from the next, and…
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You Need This One Skill to Succeed in IT

The ability to program in five languages, including one machine-level? Not it. Project management skills, up to and including a PMP certification? Not that either. Excellent oral and written communication skills, as noted on every job description ever? That doesn’t hurt, but can be learned. All of the best IT professionals I have worked with…
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Log Shipping FAQ

I’ve been working with and talking about SQL Server Log Shipping a lot lately! One way to ship logs… I’ve gotten a lot of great questions about log shipping, so I’ve put together an FAQ. What editions of SQL Server is log shipping available in? 2012 – Enterprise, Business Intelligence, Standard, and Web 2008R2 –…
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Disabling vs. Dropping Indexes

In order to improve your applications and your databases, they will need to change over time. The structure of the database changes, the structure of the tables change, the data in the tables change, the application changes, the queries against the data change. Indexes that once helped performance now just bloat your database and cause extra work…
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Documentation: It Doesn’t Suck!

Some parts of our jobs are not glamorous, but necessary. For example, I have to brush Brent’s Bob Dylan wig weekly, to make sure it’s shiny and perfect. Documentation is a task many people roll their eyes at, procrastinate about starting, have a hard time keeping up-to-date, and in general avoid. Stop avoiding it, and…
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