Thanks, Google

I usually can count on Google to figure out what I want to search for, even if there’s typos in my search. But sometimes Google just doesn’t get it right.

I’m not Brent Ozar. I can’t afford a Rolex!

Do you have any searches that Google or Bing didn’t get right and made you laugh? Drop a comment.

Erik says: Google must have seen the price tag on Enterprise licensing and gotten confused.

Brent says: If you see me with a Rolex, don’t look too closely at it. I’m just saying there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to replica watches. And for the record, I’m a Bell & Ross guy.

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  • I wonder if many people did read the email you sent. Replica and Rolex in one email… I had to fish (pun intended) the email from the spam folder.

  • I have a faux-vado buried somewhere. True craftsmanship.

  • The best ones are when you search for a problem and an old past blog post of your own writing comes up. Doh!

    • Ha! yes! And you catch yourself thinking “Hey, that’s my problem exactly!” Oh…

  • I was recently googling for information on a 3rd party job automation tool, who shall remain nameless. In the search results, Google asked me if I wanted a flamethrower…

  • Google ads apparently think I’m ready to test drive Bentley.

    (I drive a 30 year old Jeep)

  • Asking Bing Maps for directions from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam used to bring up a 3-day trip to a Hoover Dam somewhere in like, Ohio. I tweeted them and they fixed it. Yay Microsoft Public QA!