From The Server To The SAN

Enter SANdman When people buy SANs, it’s often quite a large investment. Whether it’s all SSD, all flash, or there are tiers of storage that different types of data live on, those disks aren’t cheap. When people visualize their SAN, it’s usually just the server and the pool of drives. But there’s some important stuff…
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Build Me A Build: Assembly Olympics

Overall, this was pretty easy I’m thankful that generations of enthusiasts have agreed (mostly) on standards, and written oodles of documentation and guides to make stuff like this easy. Seriously. To put things in some perspective, when I first started building and tinkering with desktops, I remember having to manually set IRQs when there was…
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How to Use HP System Management Homepage

One of the big reasons you spend big money on server-quality hardware is to get cool stuff to make administration easier. Each hardware vendor provides their own software tools – Dell includes OpenManage, IBM includes Director, and HP includes their System Management Homepage. To illustrate how it works without violating anybody’s NDAs, I picked up…
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Monitoring SSD Performance

Everyone wants to make sure they’re getting the best performance out of their solid state storage. If you’re like a lot of people, you want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for, but how do you know for sure that the drive is performing well? Watch that Average The first way to monitor…
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How to Interview Storage Vendors

Buying SAN gear is hard work.  You have to compare vendors based on performance, capacity, reliability, ease of implementation, quality of support, and of course, price.  When I’m working with a client buying new storage, here’s the questions I have them ask each prospective storage vendor. Q: If we buy SSD, SAS, and SATA drives,…
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How Fast Does Your SAN Need to Be for SQL Server?

Let’s oversimplify the bejeezus out of this complex problem.  Suspend your disbelief for a second and work with me: We have a database server hosting just one 100GB table.  Sure, in reality, we’ve got lots of databases and lots of tables, but we’re going to keep this simple.  We’ve got a simple sales table that…
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