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Benchmarking VM Fusion storage

I use a Macbook Pro with VMware Fusion, which lets me run a bunch of virtual Windows machines for testing. I upgraded my internal drive to a quick 320gb one a few weeks ago, intending to run all my VMs off that internal drive, making it easier to do testing on airplanes or in coffee…
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Dell EMC AX150i review

Dell AX150i The iSCSI EMC AX150i is resold by Dell, and refurbished versions are available pretty inexpensively through the Dell Outlet. We just picked up our second AX150i with 12 500gb SATA drives for around $6,000 total, or about $1,000 per raw terabyte. It’s a great deal for lab or development storage, but there are…
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Ugly month of outages

The past month has been a real challenge, filled with 70-80 hour weeks and clawing back from one disaster after another. In late June, IBM recommended that we upgrade the firmware on our DS4800 SAN controllers to fix some problems. We obliged, and two days later, our Exchange cluster rebooted without warning. We’d been having…
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