SAN Tips for First-Time Users

If you’re thinking about buying your first storage area network, do yourself a favor and go to the Aston Martin dealership first.  Smell the leather – that is, if they’ll let you sit in one – and play with the switchgear to feel how nice and solid it feels.  Pretty nice, huh?

Or maybe that’s not your thing – maybe you’re a boat person.  In that case, swing by Hinckley and check out the T38R, which has a no-fuss, no-sweat power top just like the one in the Aston Martins.  They don’t have as many local dealers as Aston Martin, and you can’t swing into Cabela’s to check out their boats, but trust me, it’s worth the trip.  They’re just gorgeous machines, very elegant and timeless.

After either of these two trips, your first SAN will seem inexpensive by comparison.

Getting into storage area networking is very expensive, and every mistake in SAN technology will cost you and your company six or seven figures.

Want to learn from my many expensive mistakes?  Register for the SSWUG Virtual Conference on SQL Server, and for $100, you can attend my SAN Tips for First-Time Users seminar along with dozens of other SQL Server presentations from experts like Brian Knight, Buck Woody, Chris Shaw, Stephen Wynkoop and more.  I crammed a lot of information into that seminar – so much, in fact, that I had to race through the last half-dozen slides to finish the presentation before the 57 minute limit!

And by the way – the other reason to check out Astons and Hinckleys is because SAN admins make the big bucks.  Might as well start that relationship with the dealer now – if you get into SANs, you’ll be picking up your own Picnic Boat in no time.

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