Analyzing Temporary Stored Procedures with sp_BlitzCache

All the cool kids Know that when you’re trying to figure out why a stored procedure is slow sometimes, you should use a temporary stored procedure instead of pulling the code out and running it ad hoc. We frequently point people to Erland Sommarskog’s “Slow in the Application, Fast in SSMS“, because it’s an excellent…
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Creating Tables and Stored Procedures in TempDB – Permanently

No, not #tables – actual tables. Here’s how: Transact-SQL USE tempdb; GO /* This one is only available during my session: */ CREATE TABLE #myTempTable (ID INT IDENTITY(1,1), Stuffing VARCHAR(100)); GO /* This one is global, meaning it's available to other sessions: */ CREATE TABLE ##myTempTable (ID INT IDENTITY(1,1), Stuffing VARCHAR(100)); GO /* You can…
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Statistics Matter on Temp Tables, Too

Temp tables are like real tables, just a little tricker. When you’re starting out writing TSQL, it’s easy to want to do all your work in a single query. You learn about derived sub-queries, CROSS APPLY statements, and common table expressions. Suddenly, each of your queries is so complex that you hardly know what you’re…
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Frequently Asked Questions About TempDB

The questions came fast and furious in one of my recent TempDB webcasts, so here’s the ones I wasn’t able to answer during the live session: Q: Virtualized OS, SAN, no dedicated LUNs, most likely scenario with no gotchas, theoretically: dump TempDB with everything else all on one virtual volume, including logs — or split…
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