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SQL Server 2014 Licensing Changes

With the release of SQL Server 2014, we get to learn all kinds of new licensing changes. While I don’t work for Microsoft legal, I do have a PDF reader and a web browser. You can follow along in the SQL Server 2014 Licensing Datasheet… if you dare. Server + CAL Licensing is Still Around It’s…
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What Server Should You Buy?

When you get a new laptop, you don’t just pick Small, Medium, or Large. You look at all kinds of specs – screen resolution and size, memory size, storage, weight, and of course, price. Eventually you pick the one that’s perfect for you, and then you shake your fist at the skies because you can’t…
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SQL Gangnam Style

South Korean musician Psy’s hilarious music video for Oppa Gangnam Style has been tearing up the charts: Sure, it’s catchy, but it turns out there’s a message behind it.  Gangnam is an absurdly wealthy area of South Korea, like America’s Beverly Hills meets The Hamptons meets Tokyo.  Just like anywhere else in the world, the…
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Things Every DBA Should Know (But Most Don’t)

What if your boss walked up right now and asked you, “How many database servers do we have?” The classic poster Would you start sputtering, “Uh, do you mean production, or dev? Do multiple instances on a cluster count? And by the way, who’s asking?” Or would you confidently answer with an exact, unwavering number?…
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SQL Server Edition Comparison

SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Supports Less Memory

Pop quiz: how much memory does SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition support? If you’re like me, you’d head to Microsoft’s site and check the SQL Server edition comparison: SQL Server Edition Comparison Looks pretty straightforward, right? Wrong.  As it turns out, the marketing material is incorrect – both Books Online and TechNet show that…
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For the record, whining does NOT cause blisters.

Why You Might Want to Buy SQL Server 2008 Now

When SQL Server 2008 came out, I heard a lot of grumbling at PASS from production DBAs.  They didn’t like the focus on business intelligence, and they felt like there wasn’t enough meat on the bones to solve real-world production problems. When SQL Azure came out, they grumbled more.  Developers love Azure because they can…
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SQL Server 2008 R2 Pricing and Feature Changes

At #SQLPASS this week, Microsoft unveiled a couple of new editions that got a lot of attention, but there’s some really interesting things going on if you dig a little deeper. Standard Edition: Now with Backup Compression SQL Server 2008 introduced backup compression, but it was only available in Enterprise Edition.  At the time, Enterprise…
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