Free Azure Networking Training This Month!

Microsoft Azure

Raise your hand if you’ve ever blamed the network.

You’re responsible for the health, security, and uptime of your company’s data services in Azure. You’ve provisioned a few services, but every now and then, you run into problems making your services reachable and reliable from different users and app servers.

You want to understand:

  • Your company’s cloud network topology
  • How your services live in that topology
  • What a private link is, and why you probably need it
  • If your services are available publicly or privately (and how to tell the difference)
  • Where to look if someone can’t connect

You’re ready for our latest class, Fundamentals of Azure Networking for the Data Professional. It’s taught by Drew Furgiuele, former Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, and now a Senior Solutions Architect at Databricks. You might recognize him from his popular Fundamentals of PowerShell class, too!

To celebrate the launch this month, use coupon code CheckTheDNS for 50% off the $89 price. If you can block out time on your calendar, one module of the class will be free each weekday:

Block out some time per weekday on your calendar now because on each weekday in July, a different video will be live – but just for one day only! You gotta keep up if you wanna learn for free. (I’ll be making the videos public manually, so it won’t be at an exact time – just rest assured that if you log in at the same time every day, you’ll always have a fresh video to watch. If you log in at different times each day, well … you might not. Sorry about that.)

It’s also part of my Recorded Class Season Pass: Fundamentals for $395. Folks who already have the RCSP or one of my big bundles can hop into their account and start learning immediately.

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  • Nice course Drew. As a former dev DBA I was never strong on networking and as you said, it comes up again and again. A follow-up / intermediate one on Azure Synapse Analytics, the Databricks setup you mentioned a couple of times and maybe some short videos on: intro to nslookup, intro to traceroute, intro to Network monitor etc – just a suggestion!


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