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Why Missing Index Recommendations Aren’t Perfect

Using the good ol’ Stack Overflow public database, get the execution plan for this query – either estimated or actual, doesn’t matter: Transact-SQL SELECT Id FROM dbo.Users WHERE LastAccessDate = '2016/11/10'; 123 SELECT IdFROM dbo.UsersWHERE LastAccessDate = '2016/11/10'; In the execution plan, SQL Server asks for a missing index on the LastAccessDate field: Missing index…
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ColumnStore Indexes And Recursive CTEs

Alone Together When I think about SQL Server features, I often picture a high school cafeteria. AGs are making fun of Mirroring, index rebuilds are walking around taking everyone’s lunch, dta is making a glue sandwich, and no one knows who Service Broker is even though they’ve been going to school together since Kindergarten. At…
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Will SQL Server Always Do Index Seeks on Numbers?

I often get the question of “Will SQL Server do an index seek with ____?” Another way to phrase it is, “Is this query sargable?” We throw the term “sargable” around to mean that SQL Server can do an index seek to satisfy your search arguments. (We’re specifically talking about index seeks here, not scans – not…
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Checking for Strange Client Settings with sys.dm_exec_sessions

In my performance training class, people get really excited when I cover filtered indexes, computed columns, and indexed views. Then they get a really strange expression on their face when I talk about one of the biggest drawbacks: if your connection options aren’t set correctly, your delete/update/insert (DUI) operations will fail. That gave me a really…
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How To Fix Forwarded Records

Some of our clients have very high forwarded record counts and aren’t aware of it until they run sp_BlitzFirst and get an alert about high Forwarded Records per Second. Some of these clients are using Ola Hallengren‘s IndexOptimize stored procedure to maintain their indexes. This brought up a question of whether or not rebuilding a…
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