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Top 5 Overlooked Index Features

Indexing, SQL Server
I see a lot of indexes Most of them are pretty vanilla. Some are pretty memorable, like one that I saw with 93 INCLUDES. A lot of things that people could do with indexes get overlooked, either because they don’t know about them, or they’re not sure when they’ll help. So, here goes my attempt…
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How To Fix Forwarded Records

Some of our clients have very high forwarded record counts and aren’t aware of it until they run sp_BlitzFirst and get an alert about high Forwarded Records per Second. Some of these clients are using Ola Hallengren‘s IndexOptimize stored procedure to maintain their indexes. This brought up a question of whether or not rebuilding a…
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Where Do Missing Index Requests Come From?

Indexing, sp_BlitzIndex
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Be honest, here You don’t care about most indexing problems. Duplicates, Borderline Duplicates, Unused, Wide, Non-aligned Partitions… All you’re here for are the Missing Indexes. Wham, bam, your query finishes in less than a second, ma’am. Take this quarter, go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face. And I get it.…
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Tara Kizer

Spring Cleaning Your Databases

Index Maintenance, SQL Server
Even with lots of monitoring in place, we should perform periodic checks of our SQL Servers. Think of this like “Spring Cleaning”, except I would recommend that it be more frequently than just once a year. Doing it monthly might be a bit ambitious due to our busy schedules, but quarterly could be achievable. Below are…
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Indexes Helping Indexes

Indexing, SQL Server
This post isn’t going to solve any problems for you It was just something I stumbled on that struck me as funny, while working on a demo for something else. Brent didn’t believe it at first, so I thought I’d share with the class. Blog. You, Your Name Here. Hiya! So there I was, creating…
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Unique Indexes and Row Modifications: Weird

Indexing, SQL Server
Confession time This started off with me reading a blurb in the release notes about SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.3. The blurb in question is about statistics. They’re so cool! Do they get fragmented? NO! Stop trying to defragment them, you little monkey. Autostats improvements in CTP 3.3 Previously, statistics were automatically recalculated when the…
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Filtered Indexes: Just Add Includes

I found a quirky thing recently While playing with filtered indexes, I noticed something odd. By ‘playing with’ I mean ‘calling them horrible names’ and ‘admiring the way other platforms implemented them‘. I sort of wrote about a similar topic in discussing indexing for windowing functions. It turns out that a recent annoyance could also…
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Does Creating an Indexed View Require Exclusive Locks on an Underlying Table?

An interesting question came up in our SQL Server Performance Tuning course in Chicago: when creating an indexed view, does it require an exclusive lock on the underlying table or tables? Let’s test it out with a simple indexed view run against a non-production environment. (AKA, a VM on my laptop running SQL Server 2014.)…
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Filtered Indexes and IS NOT NULL

Indexing, SQL Server
Filtered indexes can be tricky. Just getting your queries to use the filtered index can be a real pain. Parameterization may mean it’s “unsafe” to use the filtered index. The optimizer might want the filtered column in your key or include column list when it doesn’t seem like it should have to be there. The…
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