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Finding Tables with Nonclustered Primary Keys and no Clustered Index

Indexing, SQL Server
i’ve seen this happen Especially if you’ve just inherited a database, or started using a vendor application. This can also be the result of inexperienced developers having free reign over index design. Unless you’re running regular health checks on your indexes with something like our sp_BlitzIndex® tool, you might not catch immediately that you have…
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Indexing for GROUP BY

Indexing, SQL Server
It’s not glamorous And on your list of things that aren’t going fast enough, it’s probably pretty low. But you can get some pretty dramatic gains from indexes that cover columns you’re performing aggregations on. We’ll take a quick walk down demo lane in a moment, using the Stack Overflow database. Query outta nowhere! Transact-SQL…
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Indexing for Windowing Functions

Indexing, SQL Server, T-SQL
Hooray Windowing Functions They do stuff that used to be hard to do, or took weird self-joins or correlated sub-queries with triangular joins to accomplish. That’s when there’s a standalone inequality predicate, usually for getting a running total. With Windowing Functions, a lot of the code complexity and inefficiency is taken out of the picture,…
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Foreign Keys in SQL Server (video)

Foreign Keys
Learn the basics of Foreign Keys in SQL Server: trust, join elimination, cascading deletes, and indexing child keys. Limited on time? Check out the Table of Contents below. Table of Contents: 03:46 – Foreign keys change performance 04:12 – Let’s say we have no foreign key 04:41 – This query has a join 05:05 –…
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Using “OR” and “IN” with SQL Server’s Filtered Indexes

Indexing, SQL Server
You can’t do everything with filtered indexes in SQL Server. For instance, you can’t create the following index: CREATE INDEX IX_Votes_filter ON dbo.Votes (PostId) WHERE (VoteTypeId = 1 OR VoteTypeId = 2); GO 123 CREATE INDEX IX_Votes_filter ON dbo.Votes (PostId)     WHERE (VoteTypeId = 1 OR VoteTypeId = 2);GO If you try, you’ll get the error message:…
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One of the blocking scenarios I find most interesting is related to online index rebuilds. Index rebuilds are only mostly online. In order to complete they need a very high level of lock: a schema modification lock (SCH-M). Here’s one way this can become a big problem: An online index rebuild starts against a large index A…
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How to Configure Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Scripts

If you’re a production database administrator responsible for backups, corruption checking, and index maintenance on SQL Server, try Ola Hallengren’s free database maintenance scripts. They’re better than yours (trust me), and they give you more flexibility than built-in maintenance plans. However, the index maintenance defaults aren’t good for everyone. Here’s how they ship: Transact-SQL CREATE PROCEDURE…
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Who’s Allowed to Add Indexes to ISV Apps?

Performance tuning of independent software vendor (ISV) databases is a little tricky. To understand who does what, let’s think through all of the work required with building and hosting a database application: Who adds indexes and tunes queries? Typically the two parties involved – the vendor and the customer – start at opposite ends of…
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