This is the Last Week of Free PowerShell Training.


You’ve been working hard all month to get through our newest class, Fundamentals of PowerShell for DBAs. This week, it all starts to come together as you put together PowerShell plus SQL Server to automate tasks on a regular basis:

If you couldn’t keep up, no worries – you can always purchase the course, or pick up my Recorded Class Season Pass Fundamentals to revisit the material when your schedule is less hectic. Hope you enjoy the free training!

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  • Have been enjoying the course thus far…and having to “keep up” has been a good motivator to say the least. Have already put something into practice! Great idea!

    • That’s great to hear! Yeah, this is my favorite way to give away training. If I just gave the entire course for free away the entire month, then… people wouldn’t actually watch the videos. This forces folks to be disciplined about it.

  • What are the timing for youtube classes?

  • This has been great. Drew clearly explains and demonstrates PowerShell concepts as real world solutions. Each module was short enough to digest and rewatch if needed.

  • Fabulous content from Drew. Thank you, Brent, for making this available.

  • The training has been great! Thank you Drew and The course was the perfect pace for getting up to speed with PS for SQL Server.

    For any future offerings such as these could you please consider having the Friday modules available for a few days? In fact, three days? That helps with those of us in the UTC + 10 timezones who are a day ahead of the US. Being able to do the Friday (US) module on a Monday (UTC + 10) would be great. I appreciate that the course is free, the modules are short and that I could watch the Friday module on Saturday….. but they tend to be family days.

    Thanks anyway for everything. Your site is an invaluable source of knowledge.

    • Since around the last time Brent offered free modules per day, I noticed that Friday’s modules were usually available on Thursdays, so I stayed ahead on those. Did you try watching any videos early? Just let the videos keep going until they stop 😀

      • Thanks HappyDBA.

        I would let them run until the locked content screen would appear.

        In the mean time I’ve sought out the topic of the Friday content in other ways.


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