PasteThePlan October 2017 Update

We’re back at it again. We took a bit of time out of our busy schedule to put in a few enhancements into Here’s some of the highlights:

Updated to the latest version of HTML Query Plan.

In order to create a graphical query plan we use Justin Pealing’s awesome HTML Query Plan. Recently, Justin updated the project with some improvements. The biggest change was the support for StmtCond, StmtUseDb, StmtCursor, and CursorPlan operators. This means PasteThePlan will display plans with cursors. No more table flipping. The lines between the operators were also updated and now we have arrows showing the flow of the data.

New “Download” plan button

We’ve added a “Download” button so you can download the plan in as a .sqlplan file. When downloaded, the plan can be opened directly in SSMS or Plan Explorer.

SQL Server 2017 and 2016 SP1 query plan support

With the advent of SQL Server 2016 SP1 and SQL Server 2017, query plans were given some changes in the underlying XML. As a result, these plans were not validating correctly in PasteThePlan. The issue has been fixed and all plans now validate correctly.

Missing Icons

There were a few plan operator icons that were not being displayed so we decided to fix that. Now KeyLookup, PopulateQuery, StmtCursor, FastForward, and SnapShot operators all have their corresponding icons.

Have a suggestion for a new feature or enhancement? Let us know down in the comments.

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  • I can’t able to upload the plan which has more than 2MB. Is there any improvement on thiz?

    • Nah, and no plans to for now. The state of web browsers makes that kinda tough.

      Honestly, though, you wouldn’t want to share a >2MB plan with someone publicly on the web – it’s far beyond what they’d want to analyze for free.

    • Bhunavesh, if 1 query is creating a 2 MB plan, you should also look into using more #Temp Tables and break your massive query into many smaller steps.


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