Paste The Plan…Now With Comments

You didn’t ask but we listened: we have added comments to Paste The Plan.

We’re always looking for way we can improve the tools that we provide to the community. One of the things we always thought that would be nifty was to add comments to the plans. So while we were finishing up the the latest updates to Paste The Plan, Brent mentioned to me “Paste The Plan would be cool with comments.” Yes, yes it would Brent. So I took a look at different commenting systems and the easiest one to implement was Disqus. A few lines of JavaScript later comments were born.

You can leave a comment anonymously (you have to dig a little, but it’s there) or you can login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Disqus. Once logged in, feel free to comment on plans and let’s help each other improve our queries.

So, do you like the addition of comments in Paste The Plan, or do you have a suggestion for a new feature or enhancement? Let us know down in the comments.

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  • PasteThePlan link in the first sentence doesn’t work. Feel free to delete this comment.

  • This is probably not directly related to PasteThePlan specifically, but I use Firefox and every time I try to copy the XML from a PasteThePlan and try to paste it in Plan Explorer, Plan Explorer always throw an error about the XML. If I use Microsoft Edge to access the exact same PasteThePlan XML, I can copy and paste without issue. Do you have any idea why Firefox and Microsoft Edge treat this differently? I’d be curious to know if you encounter the same behavior.

    • I’ve upload a fix to Your issue should be eradicated. Interesting bug. Thanks for the heads up.

  • It looks like FireFox is adding four spaces in front of every line. Plan Explorer is looking for the first line not to have spaces so it throws the error. Let me see if I can create a fix.

  • I love paste the plan, however, it would be nicer if the person pasting the plan could have a title so that it was easier for the people looking through would know what is was about (sort of) and a counter of how many comments a plan had actually recieved

    • Iain – it’s not really meant for random browsing. It’s meant for you to share the plan with other people at places like or with your coworkers/consultants/contractors.

  • This is a brilliant addition! Don’t forget to give some brief Maintenance Love to your older projects too:


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