I’m on the Away From the Keyboard Podcast

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Away From the Keyboard Podcast
Away From the Keyboard Podcast

Cecil Phillip (@cecilphillip) and Richie Rump (@jorriss) interviewed me for their podcast, Away From the Keyboard.

In the half-hour discussion, we talked about:

  • Why I’m a huge believer in giving away stuff for free
  • How I got started with Topspeed Clarion, then moved to SQL Server
  • When I started blogging, and how that turned into a consulting company

Head on over to AFTK and listen, and stay tuned for part 2.

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  • Harold Street
    October 6, 2015 11:14 am

    Topspeed and Clarion for Windows. I remeber those days. I used Clarion 6 with MS SQL 7 and I that was when I started my transition to becoming a part time DBA and now a full time DBA.

  • Nalin Uduwawala
    October 6, 2015 11:36 am

    Hi Brent,

    First thanks for all the freebies. I found you web site via redgate. I now wonder if I need redgate! Both sp=-blitz and ask Brent are really fantastic. Reading how you ended up being a SL guru and reading your blogs, I think I can rediscover myself at almost 60 years to be SQL admin. But I am possibly past it but you present your ideas and SQl concepts so well in little bullets / tablets whatever you want to call it so well I am sort of holed to your blog.

    So thanks again. Behind this is a SQL database / application that is not great that we have to keep running. Written by a big organisation in UK it’s past it’s time and it should be re-written from grounds up. However with so many schools using it and being a real cash cow for this company I don’t think they will risk it.

    But with the help of your blog we will add a bit of rocket fuel to it ( not that it’s capable of using it ). we will find a way.


  • WOW .. We still have applications written using Clarion, which we are moving from TPS to SQL. I liked the podcast!


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