What It Takes To Write Two Blog Posts

This week, I published two blog posts: How Bad Statistics Cause Bad SQL Server Query Performance How Scalar User-Defined Functions Slow Down Queries Let’s talk about the process of writing ’em. A couple I was putting together this week’s First Responder Kit release, I realized sp_BlitzIndex didn’t have URLs for a couple of common families…
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It feels kinda arbitrary, but it’s a champagne moment: Thanks to everybody who’s ever stopped by, left a comment, and taken part in the discussions. (An extra-special thanks to folks who even addressed us by the right names, and didn’t call everybody else here Brent, hahaha.) I started this thing over a decade ago, but you,…
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I’m on the Away From the Keyboard Podcast

Away From the Keyboard Podcast Cecil Phillip (@cecilphillip) and Richie Rump (@jorriss) interviewed me for their podcast, Away From the Keyboard. In the half-hour discussion, we talked about: Why I’m a huge believer in giving away stuff for free How I got started with Topspeed Clarion, then moved to SQL Server When I started blogging,…
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Today BrentOzar.com Turns 10 Years Old

Happy birthday to my first post from May 7, 2002. BrentOzar.com circa 2001 1,782 posts and over 12,000 comments later, I feel like I’m still winging it, but it’s time to stop and think about the lessons I’ve learned over the last decade.  This web site has turned into a consulting company that supports three…
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(Not really.)

Dear Blog Author

We need to talk. You may not know me, but I’m one of your readers.  You’ve become part of my routine.  I really like your stuff, but I’ve never really said anything until now.  I don’t want to leave a comment, because there’s not really a place in your blog to leave comments like this. …
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Blog Better Week: Spice Things Up with Images

This week I’m focusing on how you can improve your blog. So far I’ve talked about why you should schedule blog posts and the basics of search engine optimization.  Tomorrow’s post will cover how to write a product review on your blog. Your writing is boring. Your Blog Readers I’ve read your blog.  I know…
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Blog Better Week: The Basics of SEO

This week I’m focusing on how you can improve your blog. Yesterday I kicked things off with why you should schedule blog posts.  Tomorrow I’ll break some bad news to you – your blog is boring. I blog to help other people. I’m only successful if they can find me. No, not every player is…
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Plagiarism, Contracts, and You

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and this week, it did: SQLServerPedia got its first complaint about plagiarism.  We were contacted by a well-known author (we’ll call him Author #1) and his publishing firm who had noticed a disturbing similarity between a chapter in their book and a group of SQLServerPedia wiki articles.…
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Blogging and Obscene Humor

In person, I work blue.  I focus on keeping my act clean when I’m wearing a tie or addressing a large group of professionals, but I do have to concentrate.  Get me in a smaller, more relaxed group, and I use my native tongue – which should probably get another layer of soap. In emails,…
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