Interview with Mike Walsh about blogging

Mike Walsh (BlogTwitter) is celebrating his one year anniversary as a blogger by revisiting why he got started, passing on tips to other bloggers, and upping his game.  He interviewed me about how I got started blogging, how I’ve changed along the way, and some tips that I’d recommend new bloggers think about.  It’s about a half hour long, so pour a hot cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage and turn up your speakers – the audio’s a little quiet:

Some of the links we talk about include:

Mike’s going to focus on blogging all this week over at, so head over there and check it out or subscribe to his RSS feed.  He’s got some good tips coming!

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  • Mike is great Guy and on the top his blog is one of the excellent blog on SQL world.

    I am so glad this his interview is published here – I am going to forward link to my UG members.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thanks, glad you liked it! He’s a really nice guy. I’m glad I had the chance to meet both of you at PASS this year!

      • Alright… Now that’s a bit mushy guys. Knock it off! 🙂 Thanks for posting the vid here and doing all the technical work for this web/streaming video n00b. Looking forward to hearing some other tips from more experienced bloggers in comments or their own posts. ‘Tis the season for giving.

  • Enjoyed the vid. I might have to take the plung and start a blog myself. Rants of a n00b. 🙂

  • Nice job, guys. I would like to emphasize the benefit of serendipity, which you touched on in the video. It’s hard to get people to buy into the idea of doing something in order to achieve an undefined future benefit. Like Mike, I am relatively new a blogging but it has taken me on a wild, but thoroughly enjoyable ride. It has turned up some fantastic career opportunities and even opened up leadership positions in some of my professional circles.

  • I hope you don’t mind, but I’m writing this comment as I watch the vid. It’s kind of in the vein of your blog posts regarding PASS and other presentations.

    About Criticism:

    “Silence is going to be way worse.”

    Definitely. You hit it right on the head. I can’t tell you how many times someone will e-mail me or call me asking me about a blog post. Why don’t they leave comments?

    OMG, get out of my head. “People are scared to comment.”

    I can’t wait for part 2.

  • I thought this was a great video. I just recently started blogging a couple of months ago and its good to see that my vision for blogging is similar to Mike and Brent’s.

    To add a side note I took my wife to see Julie & Julia and its surprising how similar my emotions are to Julie’s when people start reading and leaving comments.

    • I caught a little bit of Julie and Julia on the flight to PASS but I missed much of it so I missed the reference but yeah, getting comments is somewhat reassuring to know you are least making an impact. I don’t get nearly as many as Brent yet but it still feels nice to know folks are reading your material.

  • william melton
    December 15, 2009 8:08 am

    How could I get the shirt you are wearing :)? I couldn’t get all of what it says, but it looks like “Let’s tweet SQL Server”?

    • William – glad you liked it! These were Quest promo shirts for PASS and user groups this year, and they went like hotcakes. We’re completely out of ’em. However, check with your local user group leader and ask them to email for Quest to sponsor their user group. When we get more available, we’ll send ’em out to user groups. You can also check Quest Backstage:

      Check that periodically for webcasts, and sign up for ’em. When you attend one of our webcasts, we sometimes send those out to attendees.

  • I’ve been ‘planning’ to blog for about six months now. Mike’s comments were just what was needed to expel the remaining fears I had. Today I published my first blog.

    Thanks Mike.

  • Wow, Scott that is definitely nice news. That was the goal I was going for with the series. Where is it though? Reply here with a link, let us see it and subscribe to the feed for it! 🙂


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