Professional Development

Standard Deviation

Telling Clients They’re Unusual

Consultants need to get around. One of the key differences between consultants and contractors is that contractors tend to stay at the same company for weeks or months, while consultants jump around very quickly from project to project.  Most of my engagements are just 3-4 days long: I parachute in, put out the burning fires,…
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Six of the SQL MCM R8 guys

SQL MCM: The Exams

If the DBA answer is always, “It depends,” how can Microsoft test DBAs? Six of the SQL MCM R8 guys Every week of the MCM program, attendees take a multiple-choice test. Afterwards, we gathered in the hallways and vigorously debated our answers. We agreed about most of the questions, but we had loud discussions about…
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Killing Us Softly

SQL MCM Day 15: Logistics

There’s something really exciting about walking into Microsoft each morning.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I get the feeling that really cool things are happening all over the campus.  Love ’em or hate ’em, Microsoft builds things that touch our everyday lives, and this is where it’s happening.  I know a lot of Microsoft…
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