Professional Development

Today Turns 10 Years Old

Happy birthday to my first post from May 7, 2002. circa 2001 1,782 posts and over 12,000 comments later, I feel like I’m still winging it, but it’s time to stop and think about the lessons I’ve learned over the last decade.  This web site has turned into a consulting company that supports three…
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From a trip to DC

What 2012 Work Scares You?

Right now, this very moment, there’s an ugly piece of work tapping on your shoulder – and I don’t mean your boss. Or bacon. Bacon works too. You agreed to do it months ago during the 2012 planning sessions, but you never really expected January 2012 to arrive.  Now that it’s here, you’re starting to…
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Consulting Lines: SQL Server Needs a Dog

SQL Server isn’t lonely, but it needs a dog.  In today’s Consulting Lines series post, I’ll share my very favorite consulting line of all – one that makes people laugh while illustrating a point. The Situation: Bob the Button Basher My Blitz script helps me quickly spot SQL Server settings that have been changed from…
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3 SQL Server Book Review Short Takes

Here’s what I’ve been reading lately on the SQL Server front.  I’d like to thank all three authors and publishers for providing these books for review. Securing SQL Server by Denny Cherry Paperback – Kindle Denny’s a jack of all trades, and a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server to boot.  I’ve had the pleasure…
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Sample DBA Resumes

Nobody knows who I am. Yes, I know, you think I waltz into restaurants without a reservation, get the best table in the house, and Rick Bayless brings the food out himself. In reality, sooner or later, everybody asks for a resume.  (Except Rick Bayless.  He just asks for money.)  Managers don’t read blogs, so…
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Brent Ozar Unlimited® Adds Another MCM

Nope, we didn’t clone Brent. I am honored to say I’ve earned the Microsoft Certified Master SQL Server 2008 certification. Seriously honored. I feel awesome. What’s the SQL Sever MCM? “MCM” stands for “Microsoft Certified Master.” As Microsoft describes it, “the MCM program is the highest level of technical certification; it helps recognize and validate…
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How To Hire Top Talent

You want to hire a fantastic DBA or database developer. You want someone who can hit the ground running, who you can trust to maintain your current system and tune it like a pro. Plus you want someone who can see key improvements, communicate effectively, and drive change in your system. You want it all.…
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