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Consulting Lines: “Let’s put that in the parking lot.”

Consulting, Consulting Lines
There’s a fine art to running a productive meeting, keeping the discussion focused and scoping things tight to meet your scheduled finish time. Today’s consulting lines post is about keeping people happy while still finishing meetings on time. Let’s join a troubleshooting session where I’ve been brought in to help a client whose AlwaysOn Availability Groups are failing…
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“If You Can’t Do ____, You’re Not a Production DBA”

Recently I saw a tweet that said, “If you can’t read a query execution plan, you’re not a production DBA.” I love execution plans, and there are really great reasons to learn to read execution plans, but I disagree completely. Database Administration is not all about performance Performance is only one component to database administration. Let’s…
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After You’ve Been a DBA, What Do You Do?

You’ve been managing database servers for a few years. Now what? Get more technical – every time a new project comes in, sharpen your skills. Get more involved in failover clustering, storage, virtualization, or the cloud. Write technical presentations to teach your own company’s staff, and then the public. Business intelligence – if you’re constantly…
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You Won the Tribal Awards With Us

Blogging, SQL Server
The Simple-Talk Tribal Award Winners are out, and we won in two categories – Blog of the Year for the Brent Ozar Team Blog, and me as the Person You’d Most Like to Have a Beer With. See, now we’re having a beer virtually. It’s almost like – no, it’s nothing like. We need real…
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The Evolution of the Company Logo

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a subtle change to our site, swag, and PowerPoint templates over the last few months. Here’s the evolution as seen in our company coffee mugs: Brent Ozar Unlimited® Caffeine Delivery Devices Far left, the one with the heart, is the current one, but the transition is a funny story. Our…
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You Need This One Skill to Succeed in IT

The ability to program in five languages, including one machine-level? Not it. Project management skills, up to and including a PMP certification? Not that either. Excellent oral and written communication skills, as noted on every job description ever? That doesn’t hurt, but can be learned. All of the best IT professionals I have worked with…
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