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Book Review: Inside SQL Server 6.5

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Books Offline 30 years ago, back in 1988, Microsoft, Ashton-Tate, and Sybase got together to start building SQL Server 1.0 for OS/2. I wanted to take a trip down memory lane to celebrate, but I didn’t wanna go back quite that far. I wanted to go back to what would probably be fairly recognizable – say,…
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The 2018 Data Professionals Salary Survey Results

How much do database administrators, analysts, architects, developers, and data scientists make? We asked, and 3,113 of you from 73 countries answered this year. I make my query bucks the hard way Download the 2018 & 2017 results in Excel. A few things to know about it: The data is public domain. The license tab…
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Tell Us What You Make: The 2018 Data Professional Salary Survey

Not what you’re worth, dear reader: we know your worth cannot possibly be calculated in base-10 numbering systems because you’re just so awesome, but what you make. How many stacks of Paul Whites are you pulling down? A few things to know: It’s totally anonymous (we’re not getting your email, IP address, or anything like that.) It’s…
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How to Hire a Junior DBA

When you’re hiring a Junior DBA, ask yourself a few questions: “What job did they have before this?” Someone who’s currently employed as a Junior DBA isn’t looking for another Junior DBA job: they’re looking for a Senior DBA job. Because of that, you have to rethink how you write the job description and minimum…
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4 DBA Resume Anti-Patterns

Every now and then, clients ask me to interview candidates for their open DBA positions. I get to see a lot of resumes, and there are a few warning signs that pop up regularly. 1. The Keyword Encyclopedia. I get it: you’ve opened SSMS before, and you clicked on all the options and wizards, and…
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What Kinds of Raises do DBAs Get?

I took the data from the 2017 Data Professional Salary Survey, and filtered just for database administrators in the United States. Then, I pivoted it on the two experience questions. First, we’ll cover database experience, and then we’ll cover job experience. How many years of experience do you have with this database? I stopped the analysis at…
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