Professional Development

Tell Us What You Make: The 2017 Data Professional Salary Survey

Not what you’re worth, dear reader: we know your worth cannot possibly be calculated in base-10 numbering systems because you’re just so awesome, but what you make. A few things to know: It’s totally anonymous (we’re not getting your email, IP address, or anything like that) It’s open to all database platforms Your responses will be totally…
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It feels kinda arbitrary, but it’s a champagne moment: Thanks to everybody who’s ever stopped by, left a comment, and taken part in the discussions. (An extra-special thanks to folks who even addressed us by the right names, and didn’t call everybody else here Brent, hahaha.) I started this thing over a decade ago, but you,…
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Preparation, Is It In You?

Backups aren’t just for databases. Are you ready for the BitLocker of Doom? Back in 2012, I started on a journey of sharing my technical knowledge by giving technical presentations. Now this might scare the living jeepers out of most people, but I found it exciting and fulfilling. Since then, I try to speak at…
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I’m on the Away From the Keyboard Podcast

Away From the Keyboard Podcast Cecil Phillip (@cecilphillip) and Richie Rump (@jorriss) interviewed me for their podcast, Away From the Keyboard. In the half-hour discussion, we talked about: Why I’m a huge believer in giving away stuff for free How I got started with Topspeed Clarion, then moved to SQL Server When I started blogging,…
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Consulting Lines: “Let’s put that in the parking lot.”

There’s a fine art to running a productive meeting, keeping the discussion focused and scoping things tight to meet your scheduled finish time. Today’s consulting lines post is about keeping people happy while still finishing meetings on time. Let’s join a troubleshooting session where I’ve been brought in to help a client whose AlwaysOn Availability Groups are failing…
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