Professional Development

How to Hire a Junior DBA

When you’re hiring a Junior DBA, ask yourself a few questions: “What job did they have before this?” Someone who’s currently employed as a Junior DBA isn’t looking for another Junior DBA job: they’re looking for a Senior DBA job. Because of that, you have to rethink how you write the job description and minimum…
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Tell Us What You Make: The 2017 Data Professional Salary Survey

Not what you’re worth, dear reader: we know your worth cannot possibly be calculated in base-10 numbering systems because you’re just so awesome, but what you make. A few things to know: It’s totally anonymous (we’re not getting your email, IP address, or anything like that) It’s open to all database platforms Your responses will be totally…
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It feels kinda arbitrary, but it’s a champagne moment: Thanks to everybody who’s ever stopped by, left a comment, and taken part in the discussions. (An extra-special thanks to folks who even addressed us by the right names, and didn’t call everybody else here Brent, hahaha.) I started this thing over a decade ago, but you,…
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