How to Hire a Junior DBA

When you’re hiring a Junior DBA, ask yourself a few questions: “What job did they have before this?” Someone who’s currently employed as a Junior DBA isn’t looking for another Junior DBA job: they’re looking for a Senior DBA job. Because of that, you have to rethink how you write the job description and minimum…
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SQL Interview Question: “Tell me what you see in this screenshot.”

You’re a data professional working with (or at least applying to work with) a company using the StackOverflow database (I’m using the March 2016 version today). Your users are complaining that this stored procedure is slow: usp_GetPostsByOwnerUserId They didn’t give you parameter 26837 – I’m just giving you that so you can see an execution plan.…
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SQL Interview Question: “Talk me through this screenshot.”

After writing about “For Technical Interviews, Don’t Ask Questions, Show Screenshots”, lots of folks asked what kinds of screenshots I’d show. Here’s this week’s example. I show each screenshot on a projector (or shared desktop) to the candidate and say: What’s this screen from? What does the screen mean? If it was a server you inherited from…
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Land a Dream DBA or Developer Job: Seven Questions to Ask

Looking back over all my years of interviewing and being interviewed, I realize that there are simple secrets to getting a great job offer. The big secret is just this: ask great questions. Interviewing Goes Both Ways Asking thoughtful questions in your interview process, from screening to salary negotiations, makes you more powerful. It shows…
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