Announcing Our New DBA Job Interview Q&A Course.


Whether you’re applying for a DBA job or getting ready to hire a DBA, you probably don’t know what questions to ask to tell if somebody really knows what they’re doing or not – or what answers to look for.

There’s the classic tired question, “Tell me the difference between a clustered and nonclustered index,” but after that, what?

In our new DBA Job Interview Q&A course, you’ll hear:

Heck – let’s just go ahead and get started with the Development DBA Questions module right now for free. (If you can’t see the video below, you’re reading this on an RSS reader or off-site – head over to the blog post.)

Wanna see the rest? It’s part of our DBA Subscription – normally $39/month, but use coupon code Relaunch2017 and get off at $19.50/month.

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  • Ricky Lively
    April 5, 2017 10:33 pm

    answer 11 has a typo …manipuLate or return data…

  • Great list of questions… thanks Brent,

    I would only suggest that, if a candidate for developer DBA can’t explain the difference between an INNER JOIN and LEFT OUTER JOIN you should give them a smile, pat them in the shoulder, save yourself and that candidate time, and tell them to come back after they have finished reading their first Learn SQL in 20 days Book.

    It would really take a lot of convincing to do that I should hire a guy that can’t even explain that basic concept… just my humble opinion…

    • Martin – what you’ll learn when you do interviews is that there’s a wide gap between knowing something and being able to explain it. 😉

      • Good point… although I hope you agree that If a DBA (especially a developer DBA… who is probably doing a lot of education to other devs) can’t explain things clearly they are at a disadvantage when compared to other candidates.

        Communication is a soft skill that is very important, maybe not to all, but to most Dev DBAs.

        Again. Thanks for all the great work. Thanks to your site and the people on your team my DBA job is way more fun these days!

  • Jamie Howell
    May 2, 2017 8:50 am

    I missed the coupon by 2 days! Don’t make me go to Plural Sight, You guys are way cooler….

  • Jamie Howell
    May 2, 2017 9:24 pm

    I would have been disappointed had you buckled. Hopefully I’ll be negotiating a salary soon and the number will be pretty much be the number. (Thanks to the valuable training I’m about to soak up.)

    I’ve been on the other side of the table for about a decade now and loved to trip people up. Phone interviews so bad, I just drop off the call.

    And in person interviews that made me squirm for the candidate. (But I didn’t put down that I was an expert in Exchange 2008 or walk past someone working on a SQL server which I guess entitles you to put it on a resume)

    Looking forward to it and if I crash and burn…. I’ll send you my resume, I’m sure there is something I can do around your office. 😉


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