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SQL Server Table Partitioning Tutorial: Videos and Scripts

There’s a secret to learning about SQL Server’s table partitioning feature: you need to get your hands on some code and really play with it in a test environment. In this tutorial, Kendra will walk you through test scripts that set up a sample table partitioning environment. These scripts demonstrate gotchas to look out for…
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Video: Documentation – It Doesn’t Suck!

Without documentation, you could probably do your taxes, build a new piece of “some assembly required” furniture, or manage a database instance – but you’d probably end up living in prison, living with broken furniture, or living in fear of your servers. Writing documentation might not seem as important or exciting as developing or tuning…
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Does Your SQL Server Need Critical Care®?

Overwhelmed with problems on your SQL Servers? Maybe it’s time you stopped playing around with bandages and got some Critical Care®.  In this 30-minute video, we’ll introduce our Critical Care® process, explain what we look for, and show you how to explain it to your manager. Let’s make your SQL Server faster and more reliable…
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Introducing the SQL Server Plan Cache (and a Better sp_Blitz®)

When you send your beautifully hand-crafted organic T-SQL statement to SQL Server, the database engine takes a moment to appreciate the poetry of your work.  Before it turns your request into results, it has to build an execution plan.  SQL Server considers: Which tables it needs to join together What subqueries it needs to execute…
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