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Got a question for me? Post your questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and upvote the ones you’d like to see me discuss. Before heading to NYC for vacation, I recorded a live Office Hours on my Twitch channel.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 04:40 neil: are there any ‘band aids’ a DBA can apply for a third-party application that deadlocks all the time or is it up to the vendor of the application? maybe maxdop=1 or just tweak some indexes & general performance tuning and hope for the best? 06:58 Yehudah: What is the best way to track down the top queries that are experiencing ASYNC_NETWORK_IO waits? Did not see this as an option in sp_blitzcache source.
  • 07:21 Youssef: For your 5×5 NC index guideline, do you have a total byte limit you try to keep the include fields under?
  • 07:54 Remko van Hierden: Hi Brent, BI dev here. New server is slower than the old one. Supplier does not seem to be able to pinpoint it. I adviced management to hire DBA consultant. SP_Blitz says ‘Slow Storage Writes on Drive..’, could this be due to format with allocation blok size 4kb? Other reasons?
  • 08:45 Malachi: What are your recommended minimum network speeds for corresponding SQL Batch Requests Per Second rates of 1,000, 3,000, 20,000 batch requests per second?
  • 10:09 Yehudah: What do you estimate the percentages are for your students that pay for Ozar training via their company vs out of their own pocket?
  • 11:16 MyFriend: Hi Brent. Do you consider an Uptime of 1 whole business day, too small? In the context of making reliable DEATH method decisions on a production DB based on sp_BlitzIndex @BringThePain=1 results. What would you consider to be your optimal/minimum Uptime?
  • 13:19 DeferredNamesCauseProblems: Hi Brent! I am looking for a query to find all procedures that have deferred name resolution, ie the messages that appear when I issue sp_refreshsqlmodule (the messages come out informational). I want to capture those for resolution, but do not know how to do it all in TSQL.
  • 14:48 Leszek: Hi, Is there (since SQL server 2016) reliable, with good performance feature to do auditing – data changes (table name, column name, value before, value after change) ? Or better do it manually in code?
  • 17:27 Youssef: Hi Brent, I’ve been introduced to SQL at 18, I’m 22 now with a Senior Production/Development DBA fulltime position and I’ve somehow kickstarted a consulting career in my city, consulting for hospitals, banks, Insurance companies and NGOs. how can I move up higher & go global?
  • 19:12 Don’t blame Anthony: Back in your DBA days, how did you handle requests to delete old data and requests to delete old DB’s?
  • 19:39 YouGottaDoWhatYouGottaDo: Hi Brent, as a consultant have you ever found performance issues related to Change Data Capture (I think about Tlog growth or DB in Availability Group) where you had your hands tied? How did you manage those cases?
  • 20:29 Uncle Leo: Do you have any clients that do poor man’s log shipping where they do log backups but have their own code to do the copy/restores? When is poor man’s log shipping a better fit over true log shipping?
  • 22:14 Stefano: Hi, is there any performance or “less-blocking” benefit to query a SNAPSHOT of an AlwaysOn replicated database, instead of the replicated database? Are queries to snapshot databases generally less blocking, even though most of the data remains in the main database data files?
  • 23:21 StillLearning: Hello Brent, I must execute long running queries on Azure SQL DB (migration scripts, update jobs) with concurrent OLTP queries. As Azure SQL DB doesn’t have the Resource Governor feature, are there tips to write resource friendly SQL script to workaround that ? Thanks.
  • 24:31 Cassian: What is your opinion of memory optimized tempDB metadata in SQL 2019/22? Is it safe to enable?
  • 26:07 Yedidyah: Do you have a recommended way to easily migrate SQL Server 2019 from one Azure Windows VM to a newer more powerful Azure VM?
  • 26:39 Desi: Is it better to use SET NOCOUNT ON in stored procedures?
  • 26:59 Yedidyah: Is it easy or difficult to to learn PostgreSQL if you already know SQL Server?
  • 28:04 Brasso: What are your thoughts on using SQL Server to query Parquet, CSV, and JSON files in S3 or ADLS?
  • 30:23 JasonEverill: We have a SQL 2008 R2 instance and I’m trying everything within my power to get the organisation to move to 2019 (I’m a web developer). What are the best resources to allow me to do this? We currently don’t have a DBA (surprise surprise) – should this be our first task?
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