[Video] Office Hours: Great Questions, Part 2


Every time I think, “There can’t be any more SQL Server questions left,” y’all post more great ones at https://pollgab.com/room/brento!

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:21 MattC: Hi Brent. Have you check out ChatGPT’s ability to write SQL code. VERY impressive and in some cases faster than a stackoverflow question. In fact stackoverflow have had to ban people using GPT to answer peoples questions
  • 02:28 Haddaway: Does high VLF count matter when it is in TempDB? sp_blitz reports 1000 VLF’s for TempDB.
  • 04:33 Yousef: Is GUID data type a good clustered index when concurrent inserts are high?
  • 05:51 Prohiller: Hi Brent, is there any reason why not enable automatic page repairs in my AGs? Any gotchas MS documentation isn’t mentioning?
  • 06:21 DavDBA: Hey Brent, I want to do some maintenance work on my server and was wondering Does one of the blitz scripts finds invalid objects at a Server/DB level?
  • 06:56 Wendigo: When modifying columns in SSMS table designer, why does “Generate change script” like to copy all the existing data to a new temp table, then swap the tables as opposed to just altering the column directly?
  • 07:54 The Purge Police: Any tips for identifying all tables that are growing unbounded without retention policies?
  • 08:50 Hrafnhildur: What SQL Prompt features would you like to see included in future versions of SSMS / Azure Data Studio?
  • 10:42 Dr. Ruth: What are some recommended techniques for identifying sprocs that are no longer used? Have hundreds of sprocs but not all still used and would like to clean up.
  • 12:07 Fyodor: Is it ever OK to use the leading columns of the clustered index as the leading columns for some of the non-clustered indexes? Any gotcha’s with this?
  • 13:03 Culloden: I keep seeing MS invest in Storage Spaces Direct. Why would one decide to put SQL Server on commodity hardware? I’ve only worked at organizations with large prod servers that use SANs for storage.
  • 14:31 coffee_table: Hello! what are the gotchas with doing hourly incremental loads to a data warehouse rather than a single overnight load? Would statistics always be misleading? Doug Lane Videos on your channel suggest that a filtered stats might be a solution. Thoughts?
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