Office Hours: Bad Questions Edition


Normally, y’all post and upvote great questions at, but in today’s episode, y’all upvoted some stinkers. Buckle up.

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:47 SQLKB: Hi, according to sp_BlitzCache I usually have more than 260k plans in cache, created in the past 1 hour, is it a big number? Comparing number of plans from exec_query_stats vs exec_cached_plans the numbers are 260k vs 130k , what could cause the diff between those numbers?
  • 02:23 Chase C: What do the options under linked server provider settings mean? “Allow inprocess” is frustratingly un-googleable and my technical manuals for SQL Server are also rather short on content. Cheers!
  • 04:09 sELECT RAM: You mentioned that PLE is useless recently. Why? and what is the alternative?
  • 05:21 Call Me Ishmael: Will SQL Server ever mandate the semi-colon as a statement terminator?
  • 07:35 Mike: What do you think about running SQL Server in Kubernetes for Production workloads in year 2023?
  • 09:07 Yitzhak: You once used a nice analogy in relating pilots to air planes and DBA’s to SQL Servers. Will you please share that again?
  • 10:47 Haddaway: When moving large tables to a new file group, does it ever make sense to do the migration with bcp command line vs using TSQL to copy the data to new location via insert?
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  • Hilarious!! Love your sarcasm/humor!!

  • Carl2 Nitzsche2
    January 12, 2023 6:32 am

    I learnt something new today: I’ve at last found out what URL stands for!

  • The semi colons in front of CTEs absolutely make my skin crawl. If people just wrote SQL the way they were supposed to, it wouldn’t be necessary and the troubleshooting of their SQL from an issue caused by an unterminated statement that eventually will certainly happen, would never be necessary either.

    Would be nice if there was a tf that allowed you to enable mandatory statement terminators that could be put in greenfield deployments. (still waiting on the one to kill nolock or convert to rcsi as well)

  • Actually, it would be cool to have a duck strapped to your SQL server. Especially if he had a name and was friendly.


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