[Video] Office Hours: Great Questions, Part 1


Wow, y’all have been posting some great questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento lately!

Here’s what we covered today:

  • 00:59 Gustav: Hi Brent We recently migrated to SQL MI General Purpose, and I noticed that the default blob storage per .mdf /.ndf file is 128Gb container with 500 IOPS! This is terribly slow! Would splitting the database into multiple files, increase read / write performance?
  • 02:39 PAAREES: Is it normal getting corruption like errors if you stop a running dbcc checkdb and getting no errors if you let it finish in the same db/vm ?
  • 03:07 MancDBA: Hi Brent, Over the years, have you ever felt blogging and giving back so much to the community (for free) has ever been a thankless task especially if people are mean to you? Cheers!
  • 04:40 Len: What criteria do you use for deciding which tables need more/less statistic updates, which tables need full scan vs sampled scan?
  • 07:30 Namor: How does the PostgreSQL DBA learning track compare with SQL Server (width, depth, difficulty)?
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