[Video] Office Hours: Holiday Speed Round


Beep beep! Here’s a speed round of Office Hours where I rip through a dozen questions in under ten minutes. Want to see your own questions answered? Post ’em and upvote the ones you like at https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:22 DB-A-Team: Love and appreciate your work and please don’t make fun of my question. I want to create a special DB related project in my workplace next year, that can give an extra value like automate code deployment using CI/CD, any more ideas you have as someone who sees a lot of clients?
  • 01:03 TooSarcastic: Any tips or advice to keep a poker face when hearing non-sense from clients or coworkers?
  • 01:31 Haydar: When performing the ‘A’ of D.E.A.T.H., how do you avoid adding beneficial index for costly query that is infrequently executed? 02:04 Crypto Bro: Do you see any good / common use cases for new SQL 2022 Ledger functionality?
  • 02:27 Rick James: What is your opinion of AlloyDB for PostgreSQL from Google? Is this the Aurora killer?
  • 03:03 Herb: What is your opinion of new sp_invoke_external_rest_endpoint functionality in Azure SQL DB?
  • 03:47 Clarence Oveur: Are SQL CLR Udf’s any better / more desirable than scalar Udf’s?
  • 04:18 neil: I just noticed developers have been setting Read Committed Snapshot to ON on their databases without telling anyone. Should I be concerned?
  • 04:38 Dru: Is coding first responder kit for multiple versions of SQL painful like coding JavaScript for multiple browser versions?
  • 05:12 NeverEndingView: If you are tuning a view that you cannot get to complete or show an actual execution plan, will adding a TOP give you the same plan as running without? I let the query run for 19 hours and never received a plan.
  • 05:46 Bob the Builder: What is the largest SQL Server single DB size you have ever seen? What challenges does that large size present?
  • 06:14 Curious DBA: Hi Brent. I know you no longer get involved with DR scenarios, but was wondering if you ever encountered a scenario where a Suspect database couldn’t be brought into Emergency Mode? A friend encountered this scenario recently but was able to recover from backups. Thanks.
  • 06:38 RSS_Fees: Alberto Morillo mentioned on StackOverflow a tool called Data Sync Agent for SQL Data Sync. I never heard about it before but apparently you can use it to migrate or sync data from on-prem to Azure SQL Database. Have you ever used it?
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