[Video] Office Hours: Ten Minutes of SQL Server Answers


ChatGPT, Resource Governor, manually created stats, Always Encrypted, and as always, fragmentation: let’s answer your questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered today:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:13 Timbalero: Hi Brent. my friend knows your view on rebuilding indexes. He also thinks that external index fragmentation affects pretty much only readahead scans. For scientific purposes, what metrics should he look at to see if defrag makes a difference (if only marginal)?
  • 02:21 chandwich: Hey Brent! What kind of advantages (or disadvantages) do you anticipate with the recent emergence of ChatGPT, specifically in the SQL world. Have you used it?
  • 04:23 BrentsFastCars: Hi Brent, I have been reading one of your posts about running SQL Server in a virtual environment. You talk about when there are more cores than Standard allows and using affinity masking to disable cores. Have you seen your customers disable hyperthreading as another solution?
  • 05:40 Bill Bergen: Brent…I have to say it again….you are a genius….now to the question….is there a way to correctly and completely use TSQL to script out all parts of resource governor for migration to another server
  • 06:48 TomInYorks: Hi Brent. What arguments are there for and against manually creating statistics on every column of every table when auto create/update statistics options are enabled?
  • 09:15 Wasn’t_Me: A software company produce a software for compensations and bonuses. They cannot use their own software internally otherwise some employees could see the compensations of other employees. Can Always Encrypted be the solution and who should own the keys? The CEO?
  • 12:25 Life-long Learner: My friend asked me the other day while we were talking about archiving a 2TB Audit Table, to reduce its size and we asked what was better, rebuild the indexes or drop and recreate? Thank you very much for everything, I love your courses!!!
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