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[Video] Watch Brent Write T-SQL

This morning I worked on a new check for sp_BlitzFirst to find statistics that were updated in the last 15 minutes, possibly causing plan caching issues and parameter sniffing. I streamed it live, and you can watch. In part 1, the first hour, I write the proof-of-concept query: In part 2, the second hour, I…
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[Video] How Can I Measure If My Database Does More Reads Than Writes?

When someone asks you, “Is this database read-intensive or write-intensive?” you probably look at sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats to measure the file activity – but that isn’t really correct. After all, your users run a lot of queries all day that are simply satisfied from the buffer pool. SQL Server caches your data so it doesn’t have to hit…
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[Video] Watch Brent Work on sp_Blitz

sp_Blitz, Videos
During the quarantines, I’m looking for new ways to help you level up for free. I decided to start live-streaming whenever I’m working on things I can share with you publicly. I wanted to add a new check to sp_Blitz, so I figured I’d do it live on camera while you watch, and talk you…
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[Video] What Percent Complete Is That Index Build?

SQL Server 2017 & newer have a new DMV, sys.index_resumable_operations, that show you the percent_completion for index creations and rebuilds. It works, but…only if the data isn’t changing. But of course your data is changing – that’s the whole point of doing these operations as resumable. If they weren’t changing, we could just let the operations…
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[Video] Watch Brent Tune Queries

Execution Plans, Videos
Ever wonder somebody else does it? Watch over my shoulder as I spend 9 minutes in PowerPoint explaining the big picture, and then about 40 minutes working on this stored procedure in the StackOverflow2013 database: If you enjoy that, the Watch Brent Tune Queries page has another video and other query examples. Enjoy!
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Brent Ozar Webcast

Upcoming Free Training Webcasts

Hey, wanna learn about SQL Server for free? Feb 7 – PASS Data Expert Series: PASS is taking the top-rated Summit 2018 recordings and replaying them live, for free, on a webcast. I’ll be in the chat room too, taking your questions. Register here, and the lineup includes: SSMS & T-SQL Tricks with Bob Pusateri…
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Office Hours Podcast

[Video] Office Hours 2019/1/2 (With Transcriptions)

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This week, Brent, Erik, Tara, and Richie discuss whether you need to premake a destination database in order to run sp_databaserestore, restoring production statistics on dev servers to simulate productions behavior, dealing with duplicate SPNs, tools for detecting all SQL Servers in a production environment, SQL performance monitoring, dealing with very large indexes, and Brent’s…
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