[Video] Office Hours: Overheating Cadillac Edition


I took your questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento before heading out to pick up my Cadillac from the mechanic.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 04:50 JudgeDredd: Hi Brent, have you ever been asked for opinion/expertise (as a database specialist) in a court trial? If yes, could you share some details?
  • 07:10 Aart Bluestoke: A maximum of 25% of ram for a query seems large; queries either seem to be tiny, or need more than 25% (but grab 25% and spill). Is it reasonable to set it to 10% or some smaller values, to avoid blocking by ram allocation if a couple reporting queries land at the same time.
  • 08:35 Satish: How does OLTP SQL DBA differ in required skills / duties from OLAP SQL DBA?
  • 10:21 StanTheMan: Hi,New DWH Server,Dell R750,SQL S2022,RAM 1.8TB,TEMPDB 4TB on local NVMe disks,stored procedure goes every 5minutes, error log every third day shows Incorrect checksum on TEMDB.mdf/ndf, CHECKDB IS OK, CHDSK IS OK, should be writte back on controller disabled?No one cant tell us
  • 12:25 Chris: Hey Brent, I have a large CCI which rarely requires updates to a tiny portion of it (~100 rows out of 100m). Even with NCI’s to support the seeks the key lookups for the update just plain suck and take tens of minutes. Are there quick wins or just need to bring the pain?
  • 13:51 DBA With Anxiety: Hi Brent. Do You have worksheet to decide, when we use sqlserver, or when we use another open source solutions ?
  • 15:12 Sigmund: How important (if at all) is emotional intelligence to the DBA role?
  • 16:10 Divya: What are your thoughts on surrogate vs natural key usage in SQL Server?
  • 16:54 Inspector Gadget: What are your thoughts on disabling / renaming SA account for security purposes?
  • 17:56 Dilip Kumar: How hard would it be to specify desired columns / column order in sp_blitzindex similar to how sp_whoisactive does it?
  • 19:00 Q-Ent: Hi Brent, Have you ever used Distributed Replay tool to assess performance workload on a new server?
  • 19:45 Ricardo: What is Data worth? Would you measure it by the amount of money it cost to get, look after, and store? (-say- 2000% once analysed and used), Or could you say its total-worth is 100% of the companies value (like company shares). As a full log of a company’s activity.
  • 21:06 Yitzchak: What are your thoughts on ChatGPT including training from commercial books without permission / compensation? Is this fair use?
  • 22:05 Cthulhu: Should you ever use sp_executesql directly in C# code? If so, when?
  • 22:40 Pablo: Should we configure alerts for SQL Error 833 Disk Delay? SQL Server 2019
  • 23:12 Rogge (like Stogie): Hello Brent: please help us understand why collation is different: SELECT COALESCE([i].[name], [i].[type_desc]) FROM sys.indexes [i]; Forcing either column to either collation “fixes the ‘glitch”‘. Why? (I’ve searched your site and other less reputable ones)
  • 24:29 Kris: Hi, Is there an easy way to dynamically merge XML data (data type XML) into fixed tables.
  • 25:34 pete: simple – I want to pipe the message tab, not the results tab to a file. Reality so far is that my research has this as almost, if not, impossible. point me in the right direction . .
  • 26:21 END TRY BEGIN CRY: Hi Brent. Suddenly one of my servers is taking 30min to backup a 4GB database. Wait types are ASYNC_IO, BACKUPIO, BACKUPBUFFER. Backups go directly to blob storage in Azure. All other servers are fine but this one is really slow. Also nothing else is currently using the server.
  • 27:51 Imran Abbas: What is your opinion of SQL Activity Monitor?
  • 28:00 Alexis Georgoulis: For Azure SQL VM, what are the pros / cons of managing disk encryption at the VM level vs through SQL TDE? Is it wise to run both?
  • 29:22 Oldie: Hi Brent, our developers use SSMS to create database backup files in case then need to restore but developers cannot delete the backup files from disk without getting access to the disk through an file share or if an administrator creates an job to delete the files, any advice ?.
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  • Bill Bergen
    July 27, 2023 6:13 pm

    Hi Brent
    we have 300 registered servers on our cms server. Is there a way to run a sql server job against one group of registered servers or against all the servers. I have done it with tsql under ssms but I need to create jobs on the cms server that will run on a schedule to get info from one or more groups of registered servers. MSX and TSX looked like a possible solution but I can find no examples of what you would put in the FROM clause to identify which group or groups to be used. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thansks in advance


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